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Why Use Our Services?

Taiwan Web Design Company specializes in all areas of website creation. We can develop and design for you any static, dynamic or ecommerce website to suit your needs. Most website development companies these days won’t even offer to create static websites. We offer them because we feel they are still relevant and serve a number of purposes. For example, sales pages have become very popular amongst product developers and affiliate marketers. You don’t need a dynamic website set up to create a simple sales page. All you need is a static webpage coded in HTML and you are good to go. Not only will this save you money on hosting resources, but we will design static web pages for a lot less money as well. So if you are looking for an economical solution for your website, be sure to choose our static website creation option.

Dynamic and ecommerce websites are suitable for those who want to grow their own website into something huge. This could be a website that sells products, sells services, publishes blog content and the list just goes on. Taiwan Web Designs have helped launch many online startup businesses by creating for them a dynamic website that could handle ecommerce transactions. But even if you don’t want to actually sell anything on your website, we will show you how to monetize the traffic on your website through the use of paid advertisements. This is a growing trend that we always recommend our clients take advantage of. That way they can easily make back the money they spent on our web development services and watch their success grow.

Our experienced team of web development professionals creates websites that are highly visible on the internet, and at an affordable price. When you contact us for a free consultation we will go over every aspect of the web development process with you. We will start with the initial concept of the website, the complexity of the coding and the extensiveness of the design. Here at Taiwan Web Designs, we make sure our clients understand exactly where their money is going. The whole web development process can be quite lengthy when it comes to creating an original website from scratch, especially if it is a dynamic or ecommerce website. But our clients learn fast about the process because we keep them updated on every stage of development. That way they can learn and feel satisfied at the same time. So if you would like to get your free consultation then use the contact form on the bottom of the page. We will respond within one business day.

We work with all major CMS, Joomla, Wordpress, Opencart and custom HTML and custom php sites