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Taiwan Web Designs Company - Ecommerce websites are basically any website where a person or business is selling a product or service. Often times these ecommerce websites will contain purchase buttons, add to cart buttons, shopping carts, and payment processing solutions. This means that someone can choose what they want to purchase and then complete a checkout where they get transferred to a third party payment processor. Most online vendors offer PayPal because they know most online buyers prefer it over using their credit card. PayPal protects buyers’ financial information from the seller, and they also mediate transaction disputes. However, many big time retailers will offer multiple payment solutions on their ecommerce website. Not only will they offer PayPal, but they will offer direct credit card processing through companies, like and When you first start out with an ecommerce store, just use PayPal in the beginning. They are the easiest for a vendor to set up. Later on down the road, you can establish a business name for yourself and apply to become a credit card merchant. We can also set up payment gateways for bitcoins and any cryptocurrency.

Every ecommerce website of the 21st century is a dynamic website. This means they use scripting to generate unique content for the users as they progress through the website. Back in the late 1990s, ecommerce websites were nothing more than a few “buy now” buttons implemented into the HTML of static websites. Now ecommerce websites have shopping cart and checkout features integrated into the website through a third party payment processing company. Even though the third party runs the program, it is up to the developer of the website to integrate the coding properly. Any novice business owner looking to make an ecommerce website wouldn’t have the first clue on how this is done.  They would need to hire a professional web developer like us to create it for them.
Now there are some novices out there who download predesigned ecommerce scripts and then upload them to their host. The problem with running your store off these scripts is they lack originality and functionality. You will be forced to run your store by whatever the script lets you do. But if you hire Taiwan Web Designs our team of web developers  will  create an original ecommerce script, we can create it to function any way you would like. Not only will this help you brand your website with its own unique look and feel, but its original design will allow it to rank higher in Google as well. Taiwan Web Designs has developed ecommerce websites for over 10 years and have an extensive portfolio that shows off our talents. If you have any questions about our services then feel free to use the contact form on the bottom of the page and we will get back to you promptly.

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