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Dynamic Websites

Taiwan Web Designs - Dynamic websites are the newest kind of websites you will find on the internet. They are primarily controlled by web application software that creates content for the user to see. Instead of the web content being the same all the time, dynamic websites actually generate unique content in real time per each user’s request. These requests are basically actions that get processed through web scripting languages, like PHP and Ajax. Once the request reaches the web application, it will then build fresh content based on the request. For example, WordPress is a popular web application that can create and publish blogs on the website. Many webmasters are also using it to create ecommerce stores and other types of websites using plugins and mods. The point is that the content gets built for the user right when they visit the website. The script of the server is programmed to search out various pieces of information and then compile it into a web page. All of this occurs every single time a user visits the webpage.

Dynamic websites have a lot of added conveniences for the webmaster who runs them. For one thing, they are much easier to update than static websites because most of them have admin controls. This is where you login to a special backend section of the website that allows you to modify the designs and functions of the website with just a few clicks. With static websites, you would not have this much convenience because there are no admin control pages. If you wanted to change anything on your static website then you would have to manually go into the HTML coding of each webpage and change it from there. This makes managing static websites time consuming and tedious. So if you are going to run a website that frequently gets updated and involves a lot of user interaction, then you have no choice but to build a dynamic website for yourself.

When you choose the hosting for your dynamic website, you should consider choosing either a dedicated or VPS server. If you choose the inexpensive shared servers, they won’t be able to handle the script demands of your website. The resources would get exhausted quickly and your hosting company will likely shut down your account. But with a dedicated or VPS hosting plan, you will have a server all to yourself without having to share resources with anybody. Sure it costs a little more each month, but it is the only way to sustain the functionality of a dynamic website. It all depends on what your website needs are. If you need a simple website that you won’t have to modify then choose our static website design option. But if you want a high end website that you want to grow into something bigger, then choose the dynamic website option. Use the email form below if you have any questions about this. For all your hosting needs please visit Taiwan Web Hosting

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